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  • Do you feel that you have a lot to offer a future employer?
  • Are you applying for roles but getting constant rejections?
  • Does your current Resume really reflect your Retail experience?
  • Is your resume the best it can be?
  • Not sure where to start on your Resume?


We all know that a well crafted resume and covering letter, clearly outlining your skills, abilities and a chronological map of your work history is a critical part of the Recruitment and Selection process. It’s absolutely vital to ensure that you have a competitive advantage over other applicants and that starts with you sales documents; your Resume and Cover Letter.

Generally, depending on the role, a Recruitment Consultant can receive anything from a few to over 300 applications. One Recruitment Consultant recently advertised a Sales Professional role in Fashion and received over 500 applications for the advertised position.

With so much competition, its absolutely critical that you have the best supporting Resume and Cover Letter possible. You only have a brief moment to make a lasting impression with the Recruitment Consultant as they review your Resume and Cover Letter to see if you meet the requirements of the advertised position.

Generally, Recruitment Consultants will also consider some of the following;

  • is the Resume and Cover Letter well written
  • are the documents formatted to a high standard
  • do the documents contain spelling and grammar errors
  • are there any employment gaps
  • are your role responsibilities and achievements well articulated in the documents
  • can the Recruitment Consultant easily identify you meet the requirements of the advertised role
  • is your cover letter addressed to the correct company and advertised position


To ensure you get a competitive advantage in a highly competitive Retail market,  speak to Resumes for you, a professional Resume writing service and Cover Letter writing service to see how our Resume Services can assist you develop a professional Resume and Cover Letter that you can be proud of.

At Resumes for you, you can get a no obligation consultation for your Resume and Cover Letter.

At Resumes for you, the Resumes and Cover Letters are written by Recruitment Consultants from the Retail Sector following an extensive conversation to ensure that they fully understand you, your skills, abilities so that we can map out a comprehensive Resume and Cover Letter for you to use in your Job search.

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